Writing Guidelines

Articles can generally be written in any style you wish, however it is useful to include a few key elements to help with the flow of the content around the Hidden Yesterdays website.

Suggested Elements to include


Always start with an Article Title at the top of the page. This is the first, main heading and consists of six equals signs. Alternatively, use the editor toolbar and use the far right 'H' to select H1:

====== Article Title ======

Further headings should be five equals signs, and four for sub headings of the five, etc.

===== A main heading =====
===== A main heading =====
==== A sub of main ====
==== A sub of main ====
===== A main heading =====

Table of Contents, Or not!

If there are three or more heading on the Article, the website will automatically create a table of contents to show at the top of the Article. If you prefer not to show it add ~~NOTOC~~ anywhere on the Article, but preferably at the foot of the article away from the text.

Info Boxes

Consider adding an InfoBox to an Article in order to help others understand the location


All Articles should contain one or more tags in order to categories the Article and allow others to find it. Take a moment to tag the article as part of the creation/editing.

Adding a Map

Many articles will benefit from a map showing the location of the subject. By copying a few lines of code into the article you can add a graphical map

Ideally add the map as the last section in the Article as it may take a moment or two longer to load; it can do so while the article is being read.