Tagging Articles

Tags are a useful way to categories common pages and allow others to find similar pages. They appear at the top right of an Article. You may click on a tag to find other similar Articles.

When creating or editing an article you may add one or more tags.

To add a tag enter the following at the foot of the page:


'name' can be a single word. Phrases should be spaced with an underscore character. To add more than one tag to a page separate each with a space.


  • {{tag>Castle}} The article is part of the 'Castle' tag
  • {{tag>Castle Ruins}} The article is part of the 'Castle' AND 'Ruin' tags
  • {{tag>Castle}} The article is part of the 'Castle' AND 'Photo Request' tag

Common Tags

On the Hidden Yesterdays site there are a number of tags you may find useful to add to your article:

Tag Description
Editing_Help Tagging an article as requiring some help with layout/formatting. Others can then edit and adjust
Photo_Request You have an article but would like a photo of the point of interest. Someone may be able to provide one
More_Info You have create a basic Article but require help with the detail
Identify If you have found a point of interest, add a photo to a new article and use this tag. Others may be able to help identify it

Various other tags can include the location, region, country, and the type of subject matter

Types of Subject Matter

Add tags to help group similar points of interest together. Try to stick to the list below, however if you feel none describe the subject matter generally then use a new tag name.

:!: To be expanded!

  • Archeology
  • Bridge
  • Castle
  • Dwelling
  • Earthwork
  • Railway
  • Ruin
  • MOD
  • Shipwreck