At the top of every page is a search field, contained within the black bar. Type a word or phrase in the field and click the magnifying glass icon, or press enter on the keyboard, to perform a search.

The search results will list ALL articles on the Hidden Yesterdays website containing the phrase, along with the number of occurrences (hits) of that phrase in each article.

Search is always case insensitive – meaning a search for 'castle' is the same as 'Castle' or 'CASTLE'


By default the website performs an AND search. That means all the words you put in the search query will be used. So searching for 'castle ruin' will only show articles with the word 'castle' AND 'ruin' somewhere in the content.

Below are some advanced searched. In this section, we use square brackets [ … ] to represent characters entered in the query.

Terms you want to exclude (-)

You can attach a minus sign - immediately before a keyword to exclude pages that contain this keyword from your search results. For example, the query [ castle -ruin ] will find pages which contain “castle” but do not contain “ruin”.

Partial matching (*)

You can perform a partial matching by prefixing and/or suffixing an asterisk * to a word. For example, searching for [ field ] will only find “field”, but searching for [ *field ] will also find “battlefield” (suffix matching). You can also perform [ battle* ] (prefix matching).

You can search for exact phrases by putting double quotes around a set of words, e.g. [ "castle ruin" ]. This will find any articles with 'Castle ruin' as a phrase.

The OR operator (|)

You can also use a logical OR search by using | or or as a separator of your search terms. For example, the query [ castle | ruin ] will find pages which contain either “castle” or “ruin” or both. The query [ castle or ruin ] will do the same thing.


You can enter the beginning of a article title into the search box and wait half a second. In most browsers you will automatically get a popup with matching article names.