Around the periphery of the Article Layout are a number of navigation aids to allow you to move quickly around the Hidden Yesterdays website.

History trace

At the top of the web page, just below the black header, is a 'History'. This is a list of the last six articles you read. It is a quick way to jump between recent articles.

Article Tags

Some pages may be tagged as part of a set of common pages. These tags appear at the top of the page. Clicking on a tag will take you to a page listing all the articles sharing a common tag. For this page, it is associated with Help Articles so will have an appropriate tag at the top of the page.

Left hand sidebar

On the left of every screen is a sidebar with links to useful Articles around the website. On a mobile device the sidebar appears as a drop-down bar at the top of the page.

Right hand Toolbar

If you are logged in to the website, the far right margin will have a number of icons:

  • The 'Pencil' icon, if available, allows you to edit the content of the current article, or create a new one if on a search page.
  • The 'Clock' image will show a list of the most recent edits to the article. You may then view those earlier versions, or compare to versions for revisions.
  • The 'Envelope' icon allows you to subscribe to a page. If anyone makes a change to the page you will receive an automatic email. This is useful if you wish to know when pages you are interested in, or have edited, are modified.
  • If the article is lengthy, a small up arrow with appear on the very bottom right of the screen. Clicking this returns you to the top of the page

Top Toolbar

At the top of the screen, the black toolbar will contain various features. The contents are dependant on your logged in status.

  • A Login button will appear on the top right inviting you to login if you already have an account on Hidden Yesterdays. Once logged in, this button will change to allow you to view your details and logout of the site.
  • A small spanner icon contains a drop down list of features, again the content depend on your login status.
    • 'Recent Changes' shows a list of recent Articles updated by users
    • 'Old Revisions' lists previous versions of the current page, allowing you to compare and view changes made.
    • 'Sitemap' lists all pages on the website – this can be a long list!
    • 'Backlinks' shows all articles on the site that appear to link to the current page


The top black bar of the Hidden Yesterdays site as a search bar. Enter some text in the bar and click the magnifying glass, or press enter on the keybaord, to execute a search. Read the Searching help article for more details