Image Control

Please ensure you are the owner of the image, or have their express permission to upload it. We also have a few guidelines on image content.

You can include external and internal images.

Internal images are those which are already uploaded to the Hidden Yesterdays website. You can upload an image using the Media Manager. Once uploaded you can refer to this image in your Articles.

External images are those located on another website.

The grey toolbar just above the editing area contains a 'picture frame' icon which will make the job of adding images much simpler. Place your cursor where you wish the image to appear in the article and click the icon

To include an image on the Article use curly brackets. Optionally you can specify the display size of them.

Real size:

Resize to given width:

Resize to given width and height1):

External image:

Real size:                        {{wiki:logo.png}}
Resize to given width:            {{wiki:logo.png?50}}
Resize to given width and height: {{wiki:logo.png?200x50}}
External image:           {{}}

By using left or right whitespaces you can choose the alignment (left, right, centred).

{{ wiki:logo.png}}
{{wiki:logo.png }}
{{ wiki:logo.png }}

Of course, you can add a title (displayed as a tooltip by most browsers), too.

This is the our logo

{{ wiki:logo.png |This is our logo}}

Adding a caption to an image

A small caption, or note, can be added below an image. This is useful for adding a copyright notice, or other useful text. The usual image control needs to be wrapped in a container

Figure 1: (C) Hidden Yesterdays
<caption> (C) Hidden Yesterdays </caption>

A border is automatically added around the image. If you prefer to remove this start with

<figure noborder>

There is a template to insert the code:

  • Within the Editor place your cursor where you wish the image container to appear in the flow of the text.
  • Click the 'Templates' icon on the toolbar
  • Select 'Image Caption' from the list using the icon next to the title
  • Replace the {{ ?? }} with the actual image controls

Supported Media Formats

You may embed the following media formats directly.

Image gif, jpg, png
Video webm, ogv, mp4
Audio ogg, mp3, wav
Flash swf

If you specify a filename that is not a supported media format, then it will be displayed as a link instead.

1) when the aspect ratio of the given width and height doesn't match that of the image, it will be cropped to the new ratio before resizing