Editing Articles

In order to modify an article in Hidden Yesterdays you must already have a registered for an account and successfully logged in.

On any Article you will then see a 'Pencil' icon on the right-hand Navigation toolbar. Click this to enter the editor.

The Editor section has a number of buttons around its periphery

Editing individual sections

Depending on how an Article is constructed, it may have a number of sections or headings. In such an instance you will see 'Edit' buttons at the foot of each section, on the right. Clicked on the button will edit only that section; useful if it is a long Article and you only wish to focus on editing one section.

Useful Reading

You should be familiar with the simple formatting rules for text, and also how to use images.

Although there are no hard and fast rules on the content and layout of an article, it is useful to understand the key elements which should appear on an Article to help with the flow of the website. Take a moment to read the Writing Guidelines help document

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