Adding Maps

It is useful to add a map to an Article in order to show where your point of interest is located.

Copy & Paste, or type, the following into your article:



There are a number of items to be edited:

  • LAT and LON are the Latitude and Longitude (coordinates) locating the area being discussed in your article.
  • ZOOM is how far into the map you wish. A figure of around 12 is a reasonable level. 15 would be street. 20 building. The user can of course zoom in/out but this sets the initial level.
  • TITLE is a brief description of the pin should someone hover on it

Finding the coordinates

To find the Latitude and Longitude coordinates use a service such as and enter the postcode or a place name. Zoom in to find the exact location and right-click your mouse to place a pin on the map. Read off the Latitude and Longitude.

In the example below the map code is :

{{gmap>55.072262,-3.6044222|12|Dumfries Train station}}