Adding Content

Adding content to the Hidden Yesterdays website is open to anyone with an login name. If you require one please Register a username and email address. We never sure the email address, only using it to provide password management and communications from the website.

Once registered you may create a new article or edit existing entries.

All articles on the website are written using a set of simple formatting rules, common to many Wiki style sites.

You agree to be bound by our license terms for contributions.

Creating a new article

There are several ways to create a new article:

  • Search using the title, or name of the article you wish to write. There may be some results with articles containing your search term. If none of these satisfy you, use the Navigation toolbar and click on the 'Pencil' icon to create a new Article
  • Use the Add Page button in the Create a new Article page.
  • Copy an existing page, and edit the new content, but clicking on the Top Toolbar and selecting 'Copy this Page' under the spanner icon
  • If it all seems to much for you, we would still love you to share your pictures and knowledge. Send us an email with the details and we will add it for you

Saving & Preview

Before saving an article it is a good idea to Preview it to check for layout. The Preview button appears just below the editor window. Click on it and a preview of the article will appear below the editor. You may then continue to edit and preview until you are ready to Save or Cancel.

When Saving, consider adding a brief description to the 'Edit Summary' box below the Editor. This is a short note on what you changed on page and is a useful summary to advise other interested editors what you changed. The 'Minor Changes' button may be checked to note that this was a small change to the article – perhaps you were correcting a typo. Again, it is simply a useful feature for others when they review changes.


There is a special area of the site call the 'Playground'. This allows you to create tests, or draft articles, to experiment with formatting. Note: the playground area is periodically cleared out.

Visit the playground to start experimenting.