Adding an InfoBox

The Infobox is a useful summary as to the location of the point of interest being discussed in the article.

Ideally position the infobox at the top of the page – it will be positioned on the right of the screen when viewed by a reader.

To insert the code:

  • Within the Editor place your cursor where you wish the box to appear in the flow of the text.
  • Click the 'Templates' icon on the toolbar
  • Select the InfoBox from the list using the icon next to the title

Replace the ?? elements with relevant content.

  • 'Town/Village' : Enter the nearest town or village to the point of interest.
  • 'Region' : County or Council Area (In Scotland)
  • 'Country' : One of Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales
  • 'Grid Reference' : The UK Ordnance survey grid reference
  • 'Long/Latitude' : The map coordinates

If you are unable to complete all the elements of the Infobox, add an 'Assistance' tag to the article to indication you require help from others.

Obtaining the map/grid references

To find the precise coordinates for your point of interest use

  • Enter a location or postcode in the left hand finder, then zoom in/move around to get the correct location.
  • Right-Click on the position of the point of interest (be as accurate as you can).
  • A box will appear showing the details

The first highlighted box below (two letter and six numbers) is the Grid Reference

The second box contains the Lat/Longitude