What are the rules?

The aim is to be as friendly and informal as possible, however we do have some general guidelines to keep the content safe and sensible:

  • Play nice. Don't be rude to people on the site, or use vulgar and inappropriate language when editing content.
  • Please do not simply copy and paste content from another site. Write in your own style, research from other sites if you wish, but keep it original.
  • Try to ensure your historic facts are as accurate as they can be. If you feel a fact is questionable note this in your text. Others may then research it further for you.
  • If your facts come from another website please cite the source with an appropriate link.
  • If adding images to content you MUST be the owner of the picture, or have express permission to use it on this website. Always attribute the image to the owner, even if it is you.
  • Wherever possible, do not include people in your images - respect their privacy. Images may be removed if people are identifiable and will always be removed if they include children

That's it. Above all, have fun and ENJOY. If you have any questions please contact us or check the Help documents.