A cookie is a tiny file stored on your computer by a website. These are used in most modern websites, however European Law requires us to notify you of their use.

The UK Information Commisioner's Office has more detail.

How we use Cookies

We set two cookies when you visit the Hidden Yesterdays website.

  • The first cookie contains information to display the 'history' trail we show at the top of the page. It is simply used for navigation.
  • Secondly, we use a cookie to track your movements around the site. This helps us understand, amongst other things, the pages you visit and how often you visit.

Neither of our cookies contain any personally identifiable information about you.

To Opt Out

We respect the Do Not Track setting on your browser, and if enabled, we will not set tracking cookies.

Alternatively you may opt out of our cookie use by setting your browser to do so.