About Hidden Yesterdays

Look around you; above and below your normal sight line. It is amazing what you might never have noticed.

Maybe you have seen a pile of boulders in a field, a ruined building, part of a train line, a hidden monument, or even an archaeological feature – take some pictures and share your find.

What can you do?

This unique guide is built with the dedication of volunteers, just like yourself, who add content to share their knowledge.

If you wish to create a new entry, but don't have all the facts, why not simply add a stub (a starting page) containing some information, such as the title, location, or even an image. Do some research and come back to flesh out the text, or ask others to help explore.

If you can add information to a current page, or see a discrepancies, why not edit it?


The aim is to be a friendly and informal as possible, however we do have some general guidelines to keep the content safe and sensible: